What my clients say

My client’s success is what drives me day after day.  Below are some amazing success stories.

I am so proud of each and every one of my clients.

Jane S

I had been exercising 4-5 days every week and walking my dogs every day too. I thought this should have been enough for me to shift the excess weight I was carrying from Covid. With Jenny’s help and guidance, I was able to discover exactly which foods gave me energy and which foods took them away, no calorie counting and NO mention of ‘diets’. I couldn’t believe the difference this made and how I look at food. I also became more aware of how food made me feel for the first time in my life. Thanks to Jenny I have managed to lose just over 9lbs in 12 weeks and I feel so much lighter and brighter. I have more energy, I am less stressed and my confidence has soared. This program was not what I expected, it’s not like any other weight loss program. There’s no pressure and no judgement, it comes from a place of curiosity and absolute support that is personal to you. If you have any doubts about whether or not to sign up, my advice is DO IT. It will change your life!

Nikki D

I was feeling lost. I had no clear focus on what I wanted for myself in the present or the future. Jenny has been wonderful. I felt heard and supported to make the best decisions for me. I feel motivated. I have had a wonderful experience and have learned a lot about myself, my thinking styles and behaviour. Jenny is a very positive person who works in a very gentle, non judgemental way. I feel happier in my day to day life. I have more energy, a better understanding of my eating habits and I feel more comfortable in my clothes. Going forward, I feel like I have a plan in place that will allow me to continue to reach my goals. Thank you Jenny for your support, kindness and encouragement.

Lisa F

Lisa Foydel I thought I knew what I should eat and that I should exercise, etc, but I wasn't doing it. I wasn't paying attention to how much I ate, when I ate, how fast I ate, or what I was doing for myself. Jenny taught me a lot about the connection of our physical bodies to our thoughts and feelings and it was just what I needed. We worked a lot on taking small steps to change habits which is important, but changing the way I feel about myself and changing how I derive pleasure has made all the difference for me. She also encouraged me to prioritize myself and my needs so I have more energy. Jenny is one of the most positive people I know. She's an amazing listener and often repeats what I say and adds what she understands as a question. Those are AHA moments for me because she makes connections between what I say and what is motivating me. I'm feeling less stressed and my relationship with my husband has improved, which is not something I expected from this. I'm nourishing myself with things other than food and I feel happier and less stressed. When I'm nourished, I can nourish my relationship and it feels great! To anyone thinking of signing up I say Do it!! You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. It takes work but Jenny will be there with you!

Erica D

My marriage of 12 years had recently broken down. I had moved home after living abroad for many years and I was trying to set up a new life for myself and my son. Working with Jenny as a coach, I developed clear and simple steps I can use daily and make them my everyday routine. These steps have helped me stay focused and achieve measurable success which will continue far beyond the 90 days. Jenny was relaxed, comfortable and fun to work with. She approached every situation without judgement and with adjustable options that made me feel the program was tailor-made just for me. I had financial, food and work goals that I needed to focus on. I managed to meet my initial goals after the first 5 weeks and this allowed for more progress in these areas along with other areas in my personal life. I would tell anyone who is thinking about taking on this program with Jenny to go into it with a full and open mind. This program is for anyone, at any time in their life. The steps Jenny puts in place are simple and achievable. I've had so many 'Aha' moments with Jenny. I left every session excited to go about my steps and looked forward to my next session to see what else I could achieve. Thank You Jenny for letting me see my truth and showing me how to give myself permission to go into every day with the confidence to achieve the life I truly deserve.

Pam N

Before I began working with Jenny I felt lost. Through this program I have been able to slow down, map out my goals and step by step, achieve them. Since going through menopause I have lost my way, mind and body. Like many women I didn't feel like my mind or my body were my own anymore. I felt simply lost. I believe that everything happens for a reason and I believe that I found Jenny's program right at the perfect time for me. Her approach to coaching is so wonderful, there’s no judgement and within the first session, I felt it was so easy to open up. I have spoken about things that I have never spoken about before, but it has allowed me to uncover where my barriers were and how to overcome them. Jenny has given me a plan, week by week a manageable plan and we have moved through this 90 day journey with ease. With her support and accountability, I feel I can achieve everything I want to. I couldn't recommend Jenny M Coaching highly enough, so if you are, like I was, lost and drifting through your life then this is the program for you.