12 week Signature Program

Jenny M Coaching

Are you ready for change? 

I am passionate about healthy living in all areas of life and my goal as your coach is to empower you to make a commitment to healthy living too.


I will be your cheerleader and encourage you to follow through in a way in which you haven’t been able to before.

How it works

Schedule a Discovery Call

On this call I ask you a series of specific questions to uncover what you would like to be experiencing in your life and what changes you feel need to happen in order for you to get what you want.

Weekly Private One to One Calls

We will set manageable goals that you would like to see happen over a 90 day period. We uncover the motivation factors behind each goal to ensure these goals are important enough to you and worth fighting for and begin to create a plan to help you achieve success.

Weekly Action Steps

Every week we focus on what’s going well, establish what may be getting in your way and create action steps together that work for your schedule which you feel you can commit to.

Our work together will allow you to identify what brings you energy in terms of food, movement, stress management, activities and lifestyle.

Making small changes over time so you live your life differently, without even having to think about it