About me

People often ask me how in the world I went from being an Irish Dancer, to becoming an actress and then creating a business as a Personal Development Coach.

Here’s my story

Having spent most of my life in the entertainment industry working first as a dancer, then actress and voice over artist, making the decision to move continents with my family in 2011 didn’t come without many challenges and plenty of fear. Leaving behind everything and everyone I’d ever known, was difficult and that’s putting it mildly.


For 9 solid years, I felt completely lost and unhappy, absolutely displaced and totally alone. I didn’t believe I had a choice and that was the story I told myself. It was a perfect way for me to continue playing the blame game. Yes, that’s the game you play when you think other people are responsible for your happiness.


Without status here that allowed me to work, my sole purpose during that time was to be Mom, which of course has always been my priority BUT, something was missing for me. I knew I wanted more and felt selfish for feeling that way.


When I finally could work, I got certified in group fitness and it felt so good to learn something new! I taught dance to adults and kids too but honestly, this burned me out because I didn’t love it. I felt like I SHOULD be doing something and I was simply trying to fill a void. There was STILL something missing. Without clarity, I was in the zone of ‘same routine, same emotion, same result’. At that point, hello resentment ! Everyone in my family was happy, why not me?


Becoming a coach evolved from volunteering in my local juvenile justice center. Spending time with the kids and staff gave me a window into the lives of young people who slip through the net.

Over time, I noticed that most of the kids were in the habit of believing they didn’t have a choice and that life couldn’t be better because their background suggested so.


Systemic poverty

Lack of support

The list is endless

Out of curiosity, I wondered what might happen if they WERE offered a choice in life and what they might want if they could choose anything. Noticing the kids were believing they didn’t have a choice, I developed an exercise called Map to your Future.


They had 3 choices with this exercise:

  1. No I don’t want to participate
  2. Yes I want to do it but I don’t want to share
  3. Yes I want to do it and I want to share with my PO


The kids would draw the map to what they wanted and also draw in the obstacles they thought might get in the way.

Identifying those obstacles meant we could show them a way through, if that’s what they wanted. This process lit me up and I was hooked. I thought “If this was a job, I would do it everyday!”


I got certified as a coach because I recognized there was no difference between the kids in the center and people on the outside with the same belief. How was I so sure? Because that was the story I had been telling myself too, their limiting beliefs were no different to mine.


If you’re not making changes, you’re choosing that. We all have a choice.


Discovering my life’s purpose has been the most incredible experience. I coach people who are sitting in a comfort zone and telling themselves a story that they don’t have a choice. I help nudge my clients out of that zone by restoring their self worth.