My story

Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. My passion growing up was dance, drama and  music and I was lucky to have appeared in many professional productions throughout my youth and adult life.


I married the love of my life Dave in 2000 and became a Mom to Jonah  and Danny, who come before everything else in my life! As I became a Mom, I discovered a love for voice over work and became a regular voice heard over radio, TV, animation and video games. So fun! 

A family move to Chicago in 2011 brought about huge changes for me. I spent many years in search of a new purpose, beyond my role as Mom.

I taught dance and drama to children and adults, became a fitness instructor and began volunteering and supporting many non for profit organizations locally who help people in need.


This work helped me uncover my true passion, which is to serve others. Introduced to the staff at Kane County Juvenile Justice center in 2019, I began a new journey in finding ways to support and encourage the children while they are staying there and more importantly when they leave. Working with non for profits all over the US, we found creative ways to show these children that they DO matter and that the world is ready to help them discover their potential.



This exciting journey brought to light for me that helping others realize their own potential is what drives me. I love it!!! Developing personalized programs is key, we know one size doesn’t fit all. Unravelling the puzzle of what’s getting in the way of someone’s success, figuring out what they want and supporting them reach their goals makes me so happy, it’s truly all I want to do in life.

Life if full of twists and turns but with the right support anything is possible.. the sky is the limit 

So always remember

Live the life you deserve

As we get older, life can take over and we can lose a part of ourselves. Our confidence, self belief, intuition and dreams diminish as we use our energy to nurture others, rather than ourselves. 
I get it and I get you!
I’m a Mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend too, I found myself at the bottom of my list so often.  
Now through a change in my journey I get to guide people just like you towards the “A” version of themselves!
I get to support my clients to start living the life you deserve, with them every step of the way…. how amazing is my job!

I support you to achieve your goals and step closer to the dream life YOU deserve.

I CAN help you bust out of that rut and become your most confident self!

With me you get  accountability and structure that will build you one kick-ass successful, happy, healthy, positive, and confident life.